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Our Credit Hero


  • Educate You in how to read and understand Your credit reports.

  • Counsel and inform You of Your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

  • Provide You professional advice and counselling on how to repair and maintain good credit.

  • Remove negative data from Your reports so that You can rebuild a more positive credit history.

  • Airtight Security

  • Assist You in disputing inaccurate item on Your credit report.

  • Assist You in the preparation of the proper legal forms to be filed with the credit agencies reporting these inaccurate items.

  • Complete a 90-day review with You to go over the updated credit report.

  • Provide You the best possible help in assisting You to REBUILD and to

  • RESTORE a good credit report in an effort to establish creditworthiness.

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